Canaan Mdletshe

Canaan Mdletshe

An angry mob is baying for the blood of a woman who allegedly tried to flush her eight-month-old foetus down a toilet at the Pinetown taxi rank yesterday.

It was the efforts of a toilet supervisor Flomina Hlophe that saved the life of the 30-year-old woman from KwaShembe in Cleremont.

Hlophe called police to the scene. Police are investigating whether the foetus of a baby boy was alive at the time of the incident, which happened just after 8am.

Hlophe said when the suspect arrived, there was something strange about her.

"She was walking slowly as if she was sick and carried a plastic bag. Her feet were swollen and there were some blood stains on her legs.

"She entered the toilet and locked herself inside," said Hlophe.

She said when the woman took longer than usual to come out from the toilet, she knocked on the door.

"She said she was still urinating and then I saw blood on the floor and started banging the door, demanding that she opens," Hlophe said.

"When she finally opened the door, blood was all over the toilet.

"We suspected she had committed an abortion and then asked her where the baby was.

"She pointed into the plastic bag . Then other people became angry and wanted to beat her up.

"Some said she should be killed because she had committed murder.

"I asked her to open the plastic bag and then saw the baby covered in blood inside."

The woman told them she had gone to a local traditional healer who gave her some medicine to do an abortion the previous day.

Apparently while she was in the taxi from home to town the "foetus came out and she jumped off the taxi and wrapped it with her jersey and was about to throw him into the toilet when she was caught".

Hlophe then called the police who came to the scene to rescue the woman from the angry crowd.

She was taken to a local police station where she was detained.

Hlophe said a similar incident happened last year when she also found a foetus in the toilets.

Pinetown police spokesperson Inspector Solomon Mbele confirmed the incident.

He said the "traumatised" woman was expected to appear in court today or on Monday.