'Make your own vision'

Katlego Moeng

Katlego Moeng

Local Organising Committee boss Danny Jordaan yesterday sent a message to the youth not to be like wheelbarrows looking for a push to go forward in life.

"Do not say, 'I want to start a business, I need a push'. You are not wheelbarrows, you should push your self," said Jordaan, who was speaking at CIDA city campus, Johannesburg.

He said that youth should always have a vision for their lives and should dream, taking their from icons like former president Nelson Mandela despite that "people will often tell you that your dreams are beyond your current capacity and capability".

Using South Africa's world cup bid as an example he said: "The world said that it could not happen in Africa. That it would be a disaster if it went to Africa. That Africa did not have the capacity to handle the world cup."

But Jordaan said that that had not discouraged the local organising team and that they forged ahead - despite previous failed bids.

"We won it," said Jordaan, adding that South Africa had shown it was "a nation of miracles", alluding to the world's scepticism of a peaceful transition to democracy in 1994.