Report on labour brokers wrong

In your article "Unions up in arms over ANC claims" on April 30, your reporter accuses the ANC of "reneging" from "promises" reportedly made by Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana that the party would "ban" labour brokers.

It is worth noting that the reporter herself concedes that the ANC - having just won the elections - has not yet even formed a new government.

In this instance it is important to refer to the ANC's election manifesto (page 25) in which it makes it very clear that over the next five years the ANC-led government will introduce legislation to regulate and to address the problem of labour broking and will "prohibit" certain abuses or practices by labour brokers.

Now, unless the word "prohibit" differs in meaning to the word "ban", then your article inaccurately suggests there is contradiction between what Mdladlana said and what the ANC manifesto plans over the next five years.

The ANC has made this commitment (not a promise) to prohibit the activities of labour broking over its next term and it still stands by that commitment.

How does one "renege" ona five-year commitment when that term has not even commenced, as your article seems to suggest?

Zingisile Mapazi, Ministry spokesperson, Pretoria