Azapo a true custodian of our liberation

The formation of the Azanian People's Organisation in 1978 and its forerunner, the Black People's Convention in 1968, was not as a result of parliamentary politics.

It will therefore be a sad day to see the demise of this great and glorious organisation based on the dominant neo-liberal parliamentary politics.

We have come a long way, we cannot give up now.

The Black Consciousness Movement throughout different epochs in our liberation struggle history has always been one of the best leading "universities of politics" in this country.

This can be confirmed by any honest ANC politician . Since I embraced the vibrant Black Consciousness philosophy 26 years ago, I have never looked back and have no regrets.

I am a proud exponent of the Black Consciousness philosophy and will remain dedicated, honest and loyal to its true custodian - Azapo.

As for those who have been trying to recruit some of us to join the ANC, please stop wasting your time - I will remain an Azapo member until I die.

I spent four days at the IEC Results Centre in Pretoria and can confirm that there were many reported irregularities committed by ANC members.

We also know that the ANC spent more than R200million for election campaigns to secure the so-called landslide victory.

Lesego Mogotsi, Tshwane