Shame on youth radio station

It is hard indeed, if not impossible, to believe that talented and gifted DJ Sbu Leope has once again been made to bite the dust at Yfm.

This time around, I suspect the radio station is drunk with power.

Why is it a sin to stand next to Jacob Zuma? What is wrong with standing next to Zuma?

Leope never said anything to put Yfm in disrepute and for heaven's sake, the poor man was not even on duty. What legal implications is the radio station talking about?

Like any other citizen of the country, Leope has the right to support and vote for any party of his choice - without any fear.

I think Yfm should compensate Leope for unlawfully suspending him and dragging his name through the mud.

We have cast our votes in the fourth election now, but people are still being treated in a very shabby manner.

Though I often differ with the ANC Youth League, this time around I'm fully behind them when they say Yfm should reinstate Leope with immediate effect.

It is a shame and a disgrace that a station like Yfm would childishly do what they did to Leope. I suggest whoever is behind his suspension should be dismissed for gross negligence.

Shame on you, Yfm.

Tshifhiwa Magadani, Tshirolwe