long road from nkandla

l April 12 1942: Born Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal

l 1958: Joined the African National Congress

l 1975: Left South Africa and for the next 12 years was based first in Swaziland and then Mozambique.

l 1990: Was one of the first ANC leaders to return to South Africa to begin the process of negotiation

l 1994: Nominated as the ANC candidate for the premiership of the KZN.

l 1999 appointed deputy president of the republic

l June 2005: Sacked as deputy president

l October 2005: Charged with corruption

l December 2005: Charged with rape

l April 2006: Acquitted of rape charges

l September 2006: Corruption case collapses

l December 2007: Elected ANC president; re-charged with corruption shortly afterwards

l September 2008: Judge rules corruption case cannot proceed

l January 2009: Prosecutors win appeal, opening the way for Zuma to be recharged

l 6 April 6 2009: Prosecutors drop charges after receiving new phone-tap evidence

l April 22 2009: Election Date

Source: The Presidency/BBC News