Candy Girls lays it all bare

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

If you wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the bling bling, flashy cars and motormouth hip-hop artists, you can now get the lowdown on E! Entertainment's new docu-soapie Candy Girls.

The docu-soapie, which takes viewers into the elite and glamorous world of hip-hop's "It" girls, airs on DStv's channel 124 on Sunday at 10.30pm.

Interestingly, some call them video girls, others refer to them as video royalty. However, when the biggest names in the music industry look for Hollywood's hottest eye candy, these are the women they call.

These beauties have featured in music videos with the likes of Kanye, Outkast, Will Smith, Jay-Z and Three 6 Mafia.

Don't let their supporting roles fool you. These women are anything but background players.

Candy Girls follows Danielle, who has built her company "Bella" into one of the premiere talent agencies for the music industry's casting needs.

Every woman who wants to break into this industry knows Danielle is the best in the business and holds the key to the biggest jobs. She is armed with two women who help keep her organised - Kysha and April.

Kysha is her best friend and assistant. She is new in the industry, which often leads her to getting played by the game.

Danielle has taken Kysha under her wing and works overtime to teach her the system, but Kysha's new romantic relationship is affecting her performance at work and creates problems between her and her boss.

The series tracks Danielle's efforts to manage some of the most sought-after women in the industry as they navigate a harsh and highly competitive landscape.