Cry of the mothers of the nation

Philly Kubheka

Philly Kubheka

Cope's Women's Forum chairperson Kiki Rwexana says women need to find in themselves the bravery demonstrated by the 20000 women who marched to the Union Buildings in 1956 to find their place in society again.

"Since the dawn of time, women have shared a common language. Regardless of their background or culture, women share a deep nurturing instinct to love, protect and provide," she says.

She says the role women have played has changed, but their natural nurturing instinct to provide for their families and communities has remained.

"In South Africa, women have emerged with invaluable qualities of leadership, which has marked their place in society, but the number of women in leadership positions is still a challenge for us women.

"We need to keep fighting. Women across the world have been fighting for their place in society. While many are silenced by their culture, we still have to fight.

"We are the cement that holds families together and have always offered invaluable wisdom, but we need to believe in ourselves.

"South Africa needs our energy, creativity, patience and organisational skills," she says.