JZ deserves a big apology

Those of us who listened to the NPA press conference on why charges against ANC president Jacob Zuma are being dropped will agree that the persecution of Zuma was magnified by a small coterie of elite white journalists who are hell-bent on humiliating him .

I failed to understand why the appearance of Zuma in court would result in a guilty verdict as they would want the whole world to believe.

The NPA is constitutionally the only state organ that has the power to decided to charge or not to charge without any undue influence.

Editors decide what is published without external influence and we respect that.

We now know that there was an outside influence in the persecution and prosecution of Zuma.

We knew all along that there are dirty people who would stop at nothing to ensure that Zuma was not only relieved of his duties as the country's deputy president but from the political arena by all means necessary including state institutions.

If there are people who can't respect the decision of the NPA, how could they accept the decision of the court if it is against their wishes?

The country owes Zuma an apology. Fortunately we have in JZ a man who would find it easy to forgive.

Andrew Nkoenyana, Ennerdale