SA is not only for holy and educated

Someone must remind the old Anglican Archbishop that presiding over the TRC did not automatically elevate him to the status of God with exclusive powers to judge, persecute and condemn fellow humans to hell fire.

The man is really abusive of the stage given to him in the name of Christianity.

South Africa does not belong only to those who think they are too holy or more educated. Desmond Tutu's hatred for JZ is far worse than that of Godzille's desperate cry for votes.

What does Tutu say about the justice system? With all the powers and resources to prosecute, they failed citizens when they could not do their work for more than seven years when they opted for publicity and character assaults with the media. They patiently waited until the third term failed, and until a few hours after Zuma was officially elected ANC president. What were they waiting for? We are now stuck with the legal technicalities that are even difficult for the NPA, itself. Maybe the NPA must be charged!

Thanks to the ANC's democratic processes at Polokwane, career and drama prospects for political opportunists, media, narrow- minded "analysts" and some church leaders, at least now he can announce loudly that he is going to vote.

Kagiso Sedumedi, Pretoria