Men flopping in basketball a major concern

Ramatsiyi Moholoa

Ramatsiyi Moholoa

The South African men's national basketball team have failed dismally to emulate the success of their women's counterparts.

The men's side were hammered 81-67 by the more experienced Mozambique in the capital Maputo on Saturday night. It was sweet revenge for Mozambique who were beaten 70-68 by South Africa in their first match on Thursday.

The win has secured Mozambique a place in the African National Championships finals in Tripoli, Libya, later this year.

Three weeks ago, the South African women's team qualified for their first ever international competition in Harare after eliminating Zimbabwe.

The women's continental championships will be played in Antananario, Madagascar, in September.

Malumbete Ralethe, Basketball South Africa's deputy president, said they were not discouraged by the men's failure to qualify.

"The new executive committee of Basketball South Africa, led by our president Malesela Maleka, is working hard to ensure that basketball is revived everywhere," said Ralethe.

"The plan is to expose all our players to international basketball," he said, adding that they will also be announcing development programmes with the schools.