Let PAC die a dignified death

On April 6, the PAC will be 50 years old.

One would expect Pan Africanists, Africanists and all freedom-loving people to pop champagne in celebrating 50 years of glorious struggle and enjoying the fruits of liberation. Alas! This is not the case because the PAC faces imminent death.

The party has been rocked by splits and has lost significant membership. Now it is too small and it has nothing to attract the black majority.

With some leaders who met in Durban under the Africanist Network pledging support for Jacob Zuma in the next polls rather than vote for their ailing organisation, the PAC is near extinction.

It is now up to its leader Letlapa Mphahlele to decide whether to be embarrassed at the polls or to reincorporate into the ANC - a common view of the Africanists who met in Durban.

The party of Robert Sobukwe faces poor leadership, factionalism, misuse of funds, poor organisation and total rejection at the polls by the African people.

The organisation only secured one percent of the votes in the last elections. Mphahlele must do the honourable thing and follow in the footsteps of Martinus van Schalkwyk and the PAC will die a dignified death on its 50th birthday.

Sicelo Dladla, Gauteng