Chance for wannabe designers to impress

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

OB Fitted will host a show for hard to impress, fashion gurus whose lives revolve around watching all types of creations by wannabe designers across the fashion ramps.Headed by the reed-slim Obakeng Ramabodu, the "see and tell" fashion shindig takes place at the Capello's, at the State Theatre, in Pretoria, on March 31, at 7pm.

Looking 16, in his fashionable garb, Ramabodu says: "I realised that its always the same good old designers hogging the spotlight in glossy magazines.

A mere mention of designers in the country, will yield fewer than five people on one hand, including Daid Tlale and Stoned Cherrie.

Unfortunately to the uninitiated, this gives the impression local talent is only limited to them

"Until they bring new people into the fashion fold, it will appear like there are fewer fashion designers around.

By taking things in my hands and showing the media, fashionistas out there, I feel I am doing something worth while other than moaning on the sidelines" says the Pretorian lad bursting with energy.Ramabodu says he will be unveiling his vintage collection brimming full of elegance never seen before. Unfortunately entry into the event is by invitation only.