A delicious winner

Lerato Matsaneng

Lerato Matsaneng

Amasi is the perfect substitute meal when you don't feel like cooking. You can have it with phutu, brown bread or on its own. It's everyone's favourite.

Our star tester is the ultra smooth and sexy Rhythm City actor and Channel O VJ Lungile Radu.

Lungile, a bachelor, admits to enjoying an amasi meal at least once a week.

"It's a quick and easy meal to make and I enjoy it," he said.

We asked Lungile to test five brands of amasi.

Just as he does when interviewing musicians on his TV show, we lined up the different cartons of sour milk for him to grill with his taste buds and expert eye.

Lungile tested Pick 'n Pay's Full Cream Maas first.

"The packaging does nothing for the imagination. They could have used more colour on the box because it is very boring," he said.

"It tastes very nice, like good quality amasi. It's smooth and creamy, has no lumps, plus it has that sour after-taste, which is the whole point of amasi," he said.

Next up was Dairygold's extra-creamy Amasi Egoli.

"This brand has that old-school look which reminds me of the villages in the Transkei.

"Though not very smooth, it tastes really good and the lumps are very creamy," Lungile said.

He said this brand would be best enjoyed with brown bread.

Lungile did not really like Dairybelle's thick and creamy amasi.

"It's very thick and lumpy from all the cream. I recommend it with phutu, but you might have to add a bit of milk to smoothen it. It's not my favourite, but it's edible."

Clover's rich and creamy full fat Nkomazi was next.

"Their lumps of either cream or fat go straight to the junk in the trunk, but I think it's as healthy as amasi can be," he chuckled.

"Their packaging is its trademark and they don't need to change it because it works."

He recommends it with either phutu or brown bread.

Milky Juicy's double cream amasi was grilled last.

"I love it. It's got all the right elements. It's a convenient on-the-go snack. Not too thick and man is the sour taste on point!"

But he thinks Milky Juicy could have put more money into packaging their product.

"They have a very good product, but need to dress it up better."