Think carefully before you vote

Fifteen years into democracy one would have thought that South Africans would know a lot about democracy. But the opposite is the case.

People think that it is the government's duty to decide what is best for them .

We always hear about the millions of houses that have been built but not about the quality and kind of houses built.

People want to be treated with respect. They yearn for their dignity to be restored. Why are so many citizens still living and working in conditions of slavery?

Where on Earth have food parcels helped people to improve their conditions? Why are young girls encouraged to have babies for mere grants? Are these things done to win votes?

When people raise genuine concerns , they are intimidated . There is no tolerance from those in power. Since Cope was formed, we have heard several complaints of intimidation and assaults from the ruling party.

They want to force people away from Cope. The National Party used the same tactics and strategies. Where is that party today?

F orce can win territories, but not minds.

Be careful who you vote for or you' ll be stuck with that monster for another five years. Vote wisely.

Ncedo Mahala, Adelaide