Negativity is blinding many of us to reality

The level of sensitivity and the lack of positive thinking is naïve when it comes to politicians and their circumstances .

Last week, Schabir Shaik became one among more than 20 people who were released from prison on medical parole. The forces of negative energy started speculating that Shaik might have been released with the help of his friend Jacob Zuma.

The opposition parties also made a meal of the parole conditions and, in so doing, ignored the fact that Shaik is not the first to be released under such conditions.

The same negative energy emerged on Friday when Susan, the wife of Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe's prime minister, was killed after the vehicle she was travelling in collided with a US aid lorry. Immediately, Robert Mugabe was considered a prime suspect.

People kept asking, why Tsvangirai's car? But accidents do happen, as the one that occurred three weeks ago in which my uncle's son died. Some might have suspected witchcraft though!

It was the will of Almighty God. That road is known for horrible accidents and we should accept that Tsvangirai was unlucky on the day.

As much as I don't totally agree with what Mugabe has done recently to Zimbabweans, I do not support those pointing fingers at him.

May Susan Tsvangirai's soul rest in peace.

Chegoane Mabelane, Bryanston