Whose voice will be the best of them all?

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

The quest to find South Africa's most talented singer continues tonight with the elimination of two more contestants from the popular Idols programme.

The heat is on the top 10 as the country's singing talent battle it out - and for the first time in the history of the programme it's up to members of the public to decide who goes and who stays.

The show is on MNet at 5.30pm.

The fans have a 100percent say in determining who advances - and who the winner will be. Viewers can vote via SMS or on their landlines. Voting costs R2 per SMS and landline calls are charged at normal Telkom rates.

And the Top 10 contestants are: Thembi, 19, from Johannesburg; Cameron, 18, from Johannesburg; Pixie, 25, from Durban; Daniel, 17, from Johannesburg; Sasha-Lee, 18, from Cape Town; Lize, 21, from Durban; Jason, 29, and Ntsepa, 26, from Johannesburg; Lendel, 23, from Durban; and Graeme, 26, from Cape Town.