Hello Kitty and MAC team up

MAC Cosmetics has a new face. It's one of the most recognisable faces in the world, one that generates over a billion dollars in sales every year, according to Wikipedia.

With her cute little whiskers, little button nose, absence of visible mouth and the pink bow she always wears cocked at a jaunty angle between her two pointy ears. She is unmistakable.

The face, of course, belongs to Hello Kitty, the best-known character produced by Japanese company Sanrio. For the last 34 years her kitty countenance has been used to sell everything from kids toys to mundane household appliances.

But in teaming up with MAC, her status as global style icon is finally confirmed. The partnership, says James Gager, creative director of MAC Worldwide, was a no-brainer. "Each brand represents a global phenomenon. There are Hello Kitty-obsessed fans and MAC addicts all over the world, and both represent high-end as well as street fashion."

Once they'd established the connection it was up to Jennifer Balbier, MAC's head of product development to conceive of a new range that made the most of both brands' enduring allure.

The result is a limited edition collection of products that takes its cue from the world of Hello Kitty. - Robert McKay