Fire incompetent Pityana

Politics aside, there is a strong case to remove Unisa vice chancellor Barney Pityana.

This is based on his performance as head of Unisa, once a proud institution which under his guardianship has lost credibility and prestige.

Under Pityana's stewardship, Unisa has ignored the several critical issues important to students. Pityana has gone ahead with restructuring, which has left students without study guides well into the new academic year.

The cries from several quarters, including students and trade unions, were simply ignored.

More importantly, the service from Unisa just became sloppy, with students receiving study guides in the wrong chosen language. Pityana really fiddled while the Unisa empire was crumbling.

Now its time for the education authorities to intervene. Political intervention by organisations is unnecessary.

His incompetence alone is a case to plead for his sacking because with Pityana as head, it is difficult for Unisa to cope through difficult times.

Y Thumbran, Arcadia