Appointing Dandala was a blow for Lekota

Cope's appointment Bishop Mvume Dandala presidential candidate is a slap in the face of the self-anointed Mosiuoa Lekota, who is so accustomed to power as if he has exclusive rights to leadership.

The question of power was tactfully dealt with during the party's December 2008 conference. Cope addressed the issue by opting to hold a non-elective conference. This was done to hedge against those elements who would try to upset the applecart through democratic processes.

Lekota, a known liability since his days as the country's minister of defence and chairperson of the ANC, has failed a number of times to provide leadership at crucial times.

A case in point was his under-performing defence ministry.

History has judged him. I hope that now that Lekota has been unseated, he is not going to leave his party again to form another one.

I also hope he is not going to join the gang of despots and then lead his party for the rest of his life like the others, among them Mangosuthu Buthelezi and Bantu Holomisa.

As for Dandala, who was appointed through consensus, which is always the case with Cope, the majority of South Africans need a more credible leader who is worth his salt, not "an innocent soul" hastily mobilised and paraded around to claim the moral high ground.

Nzima ka Mwelase