SABC still favours ANC

The SABC's bias towards the ANC has been proven once again.

The SABC's bias towards the ANC has been proven once again.

The national broadcaster should have invited the other political parties to the Nelson Mandela University election debates and not the ANC because everybody knows about the ANC's empty promises since the ruling party took over in 1994.

Why did the SABC invite Cope, which does not have a seat in either the national parliament or the provincial legislatures?

How can the SABC host election debates at universities and not invite Azapo, the PAC and the ACDP?

It should know that the majority of students at our universities support Azapo's Azasco and the PAC's Pasma.

If the election debates were hosted at the University of Venda or the University of Limpopo without Azapo or the PAC, things could have turned out worse than at the Nelson Mandela University.

The SABC should prove to the nation that the public broadcaster is not another political wing of the ANC by excluding the party from the next debate, which will discuss youth issues. After all, the ANC has failed the youth of this country. No wonder so many university graduates are unemployed while others have dropped out and are selling bananas on the streets.

Ngoveni Harry, Pretoria