Black youth should learn to be self-reliant

As a young person, I often wondered what my father was doing when his white counterparts were accumulating wealth, mostly through land.

The difference between blacks and whites is so visible that no one can say they can't see or feel it.

At universities, black students walk long distances, then squat in groups in tiny rooms while white students drive their own cars and some even own townhouses.

We can't turn a blind eye to the realities we encounter everyday. It is a fact that our parents did not have the same opportunities as white people so they can be forgiven.

But today's youth have abundant opportunities to make a difference by investing time and effort in the most valuable asset - land. Land reform has made it possible for youth to work as well as own land through Youth in Agriculture and Rural Development (Yard).

Yard's main objective is to encourage youth to be involved in its agricultural and rural development programmes, which ensures optimal and sustainable use of land, food security as well as socio-economic advancement.

Instead of abusing drugs and alcohol, making babies for grants and being completely dependent on your parents and government, make a difference. Wake up or your children will judge you harshly. Self-reliance is key to a better and brighter future.

Orapeleng Nkomazane, Bloemfontein