Our leaders have lost it

It boggles the mind that we pay hefty taxes so that Carl Niehaus can receive the so-called proper counseling for his extravagant lifestyle.

We must be ashamed of ourselves when our lost leaders tell us that a fraudster is being redeployed.

I hope South Africans are watching and taking note that if you are a comrade there is no room for dismissal regardless of whether you committed a crime. Remember what Smuts Ngonyama, pictured, said: "I did not join the struggle to be poor."

This means that for an ordinary citizen who never went into exile or is not a comrade, poverty will remain your best friend whether you like it or not.

It is an undeniable truth that the ANC fought for freedom, but does that mean we live by that for centuries to come? I say no. Politics is like a sports team and I will support that team as long as it brings more trophies.

The same goes for politics. I will support the party that I think will deliver and not the one that says I won more trophies some years ago.

Puleng Mmila, Johannesburg