Kingdom Mabuza and Sapa

Kingdom Mabuza and Sapa

The National Prosecuting Authority was "intent on using people with questionable credibility" to nail suspended police commissioner Jackie Selebi.

Selebi, pictured, is seeking a high court order compelling the NPA "to hand over documents" containing statements by witnesses the prosecution intends to use in his corruption case.

His lawyer, Jaap Cilliers, told the Johannesburg High Court that the witnesses the NPA wants to use were known for their ability to frame others.

"The credibility of the witnesses must be tested. Some of them were involved in framing activities. They would arrange for drugs to be planted on people to lead to an arrest.

"They bombed Microsoft offices, that's the type of people they are."

He also questioned the NPA's reasons for refusing to provide statements made by the main witness, Glenn Agliotti.

With one-and-a-half months to go before Selebi's trial, Cilliers said he was still battling to obtain information needed to prepare his client's defence.

"They [the NPA] constantly tell us the information we want is irrelevant," he said.

Cilliers said it was unbelievable that Selebi was charged without statements from key witnesses being given.

"That clearly indicates some strange motives. They are playing games with us," he said.

Cilliers said it was strange and suspicious that the NPA would not supply the "original" arrest warrant for Selebi.

Selebi's lawyers want the court to order the NPA to hand over documents and financial statements on which the state's case is based.