a fabulous job

Candice Fogarty. © Unknown.
Candice Fogarty. © Unknown.

What is the most interesting aspect of your job?

Firstly, I love being exposed to the latest international fashion and working with my team to interpret this in our Foschini accessories' range.

I also love the diversity that buying offers. Working with a vibrant mix of different creative people, who all bring something special to the team. I adore the people I work with.

Have you always been interested and or involved in the fashion industry?

I have always been absolutely obsessed with fashion! As a student I spent my food budget on vogue mags and clothes (shopping at vintage stores). Getting dressed was an event, with all my friends sharing my obsession, creating eclectic looks, hair and make-up!

And I'm sure that I often looked very overdressed on the day.

Now I err on the more practical side; Career woman, mom, etc, but I even married a fashion designer and cannot do without him.

Do you ever have to travel for your job? If so, where have you travelled to?

Every season we go to look for new and exciting fashions in the most fashionable international retailers. This has taken me to London, Amsterdam, New York, Paris and India. I also visit the East regularly. I do love Hong Kong.

What is the worst part of your job?

E-mails - too many to mention daily. I even had to keep my finger on them on my holiday.

Organising meetings - trying to get every busy person in the business to clear their diary for important meetings is always a challenge.

What are the perks of your job ?

An excuse to go shopping (often) and reading fashion magazines is part of my job description. How fab!

What type of personality is needed to be a buyer for Foschini?

Well firstly, you have to have passion, be energetic, have resilience and a sense of humour in the face of adversity, be resourceful and have good dose of soul. This all goes down well at Foschini.

Does your personal taste come into play when you buy the products?

We are firstly guided by our Foschini customer and keep in tune with her taste level. She is discerning and values authentic, tasteful fashion.

Added to this each buyer brings a personal touch to interpreting fashion looks and this helps to define a truly unique Foschini product handwriting.

Is Foschini a South African brand?

Absolutely - South African - with word-class flair!

What has been your worst experience as a Buyer?

The Foschini culture is so incredible that I can honestly say that I have not had a truly bad experience here.

What top five tips would you give to people for buying and using your product?

1. Accessories are the most "budget friendly" way of updating your wardrobe each season. So you can have fun and experiment with lots of different looks.

2. It is easier to keep to neutral accessories (blacks, greys and leather looks), but don't be scared to buy one item in a pop of colour to lift your look when in the mood.

3. A few hot items to look out for this winter ...

l The leather look bag - easy to wear because of its neutral colour (and not nearly as expensive as the real thing).

l Statement "heirloom" jewellery pieces - because of their timeless appeal they will not date.

l Hose - from opaque to lace and designs, all are an essential partner to the latest winter skirt and dress styles.

l Knitted scarves and headwear are perfect for staying warm on as we move to those chilly winter days.

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