Grime and crime trigger war for ward control

PUTRID: Illegal dumping in Mayfair. © Sowetan.
PUTRID: Illegal dumping in Mayfair. © Sowetan.

Louise McAuliffe

Mayfair resident Harold Miller is campaigning for the improvement of health standards and the elimination of criminal activities in the area.

Speaking about the lack of cleanliness, he said: "You cannot stroll on the pavement because it is cluttered with filth and metre-high grass.

"There are ticks breeding in the overgrown grass in the park that have spread into my property. I can't let my grandchildren play in the garden because they get covered in ticks.

"Local residents, among others, are responsible for the illegal refuse dumping that is taking place in the long grass. People have been dumping dead animals and carcasses which create a putrid smell and could cause disease.

"The over-grown grass areas are also used by criminals to hide away and stash their stolen goods."

Miller's property has been broken into "five times" within a two-month period.

Councillor Cindy Grobbelaar, responding to Sowetan, said local residents were not respecting the city's by-laws.

"I also think this is a politically motivated attempt to discredit this DA ward. The ANC have told me they will get it by any means."