'Car dealers have become nicest people'

Phuti Mpyane

Phuti Mpyane

If there's one good thing about the blitz of interest rate hikes we have had over the past few years, including the National Credit Act, it is the discipline it has taught the country.

Last week's cut in the interest rate is a welcome relief, but do you see people flocking to buy new cars, or new appliances? Not really, and on this score the system needs to be applauded.

The global melt-down is not only affecting Bra Sipho Thwala next door who had hoped that come 2009 he would replace his car for a newer one but, lo and behold, finances are still tight.

Even if there was breathing space to attempt a purchase, 2008 changed all that.

Analysts have shown confidence in the country's economy in 2009 and perhaps a few months down the line Tito Mboweni will take to the podium again to announce yet another rate cut.

Many more people are mobile now. Always wear your negotiating hat when looking for a new car. Car dealers have become the nicest people on earth.

Last week a Kia dealer told us they will shave a huge sum of money off the Sedona MPV.

This week Kia says its dealers will cut off R5000 as a cash-back offer on the tiny but very capable Kia Picanto mini hatch.

Should you be eyeing a construction/ courier/ cargo carrying business venture, look up Kia dealers as they are also offering cashbacks on K2700 LDVs.

I found a cool looking 2006 model Nissan Almera with shiny alloys at McCarthy Nissan in Woodmead for a mere R89900.

Happy savings this week and don't forget your negotiating hat.