What the people had to say

Luzuko Pongoma

Luzuko Pongoma

News of the sin tax going up does not make a difference for most business people who sell products that fall under this category, because most of their customers are addicts, says a street vendor.

Vusi Magongo, from Tladi in Soweto, said yesterday that he was making a living by selling cigarettes at the entrance to Jabulani Mall.

"I'm going to raise the prices and make more or the same profit I'm making now. My profit will not decrease," he said.

He saidhe was making a profit of R10 on a packet of cigarettes.

"I'm going to stock more packets of cigarettes before the increase and wait for the prices to increase and then also hike the price to make more money," he said.

For parents, the increase in the child support grant was received with mixed feelings.

Botsang Seitlhamo, a single mother, from Klipspruit in Soweto said the increase in the child grant was sufficient.

"Some of us really need it but some abuse it,"

She said people should refrain from having children if they were unable to care for them and hope that the government would support them.

Armstrong Tshoaedi, from Orlando West, said the money would make a difference because he was supporting some children outside of marriage.

"With the increase in food prices and transport to take the children to school it will make a difference," he said.

He appealed to fathers to be responsible and not to withdraw or reduce their support to children because of the increase in the child grant.