Help your child love reading

Penwell Dlamini

Penwell Dlamini

World Reading ambassador Cleo Bonny has called on parents to put more effort into instilling the culture of reading in their children.

Bonny, 29, of Malawi, made this call during one of his visits to Coronationville Secondary School in Joburg yesterday.

"Children spend a lot of time watching TV, and parents are doing nothing about that," said Bonny.

"Parents should read to children before they go to school, appetising them to love this noble culture."

And Bonny said technology could not be blamed for the reading crisis. "Technology is meant to improve education, it is how people consume the media technology that creates a problem."

He said other contributors to the crisis were lack of discipline in classrooms, library resources, and inspiring role models.

He conducted a one-hour lesson on the importance of reading with Grade 11 pupils.

Bonny taught pupils fast reading, pronunciation, listening skills, spelling, and the importance of class participation.

"His lessons are inspiring to pupils, and help instil the culture of reading, which is hard to find in our pupils," said Gwen Ryan, one of the teachers.

Bonny has travelled 15 African countries on his quest to bring the culture of reading to Africans.