Truant mom might lose all her children

Moyahabo Mabeba

A woman who allegedly always disappears after collecting her children's monthly grants might lose them to foster care, a policeman has warned.

Rosina Morokane, pictured, of Monotoane village outside Polokwane in Limpopo, allegedly has a tendency of disappearing after receiving her children's monthly grants.

This leaves the four children exposed and vulnerable. The children end up being taken care of by her uncle, Simon Morokane, who lives in the neighbourhood.

Although Morokane has his own family, he still has to take full responsibility for his niece's children.

"My niece is not fit to be a mother. What does she do with the money because her kids are starving?" he asked.

Flora Maponya, a social worker at the health and social development's Capricorn district offices, said the problem is two-pronged. "While there is a dire need to help the children, their mother also needs serious help. There must be something psychologically wrong with this woman to be so negligent."

Police spokesman Phuti Seloba said: "If this is indeed true, we might have to take all the children and place them in foster care."