Talk the talk with male kids

Eight ways you can coach boys into men

Eight ways you can coach boys into men

l Teach early: it is never too soon to talk to a child about violence. Talk with him about what it means to be fair, share, and treat others with respect.

l Be there: just being with boys is crucial. The time doesn't have to be spent in activities. Boys want a male presence around them, even if few words are exchanged.

l Listen: hear what he has to say. Listen to how he and his friends talk about girls. Ask him if he's ever seen abusive behaviour. Is he worried about any of his friends who are being hurt in their relationships?

l Tell him how: teach him ways to express his anger without using violence. When he gets angry, tell him he can walk it out, talk it out, or take time out.

l Bring it up: a kid will never approach you and ask for guidance on how to treat women. If you see or hear things that depict violence against women in his choice of music or television programmes, tell him what you think about it. Let him know you don't approve of sports figures who demean women, or jokes, video games and song lyrics that do the same.

l Be a role model: fathers, coaches and any man who spends time with boys or teens will have the greatest influence when they "walk the walk." They will learn what respect means by observing how you treat other people.

l Teach often: your job isn't done once you get the first talk out of the way.

l Show him how important the issue of violence against women and children is to you: join thousands of men who are taking a stand against violence. - From Family Violence Prevention Fund.