Nthabisang Moreosele

Nthabisang Moreosele

There are no specific rules about road safety for children, says Drive Alive campaigner Moira Winslow.

Winslow has spent the past 20 years trying to make the roads safe for children, who, as pedestrians, are most likely to be killed.

"The rules say that cars have to have lights that work, trucks and donkey carts have to have reflector strips.

"There is also a rule that cows must have a reflective strip in one ear. But there is no law that covers children in the same way," Winslow says.

She says that reflective material should be incorporated into school uniforms. Manufacturing companies are reluctant to do this because they have a very narrow profit margin.

Winslow believes that if the government ordered them to do so, it would solve the problem. One leading retail chain sells uniforms with reflective material.

"That is what I am fighting for," she says.

Winslow last week handed out 1000 backpacks to pupils at Elridge Primary School, which is near the Golden Highway. The bags have a 360degree strip and were donated by the Johannesburg City Council.

The school has lost at least five children to car accidents. At the presentation, a pupil, Michaela Martin, was in a plaster cast after being struck by a car while waiting on the pavement.