How not to play the game

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

SABC radio and TV freelance sports presenters "won't be getting paid" tomorrow.

A furious freelancer, who asked to remain anonymous, told Sowetan that he had discovered that "those people" meant to process their payments "had gone on leave" in December - leaving the presenters in the lurch.

The presenters say they now plan to march to head office to highlight their plight.

"We have debit orders that now will be not be honoured," the presenter said.

"We are supposed to pay our kids' school fees . while the people in finance will be sitting pretty with their salaries."

Those affected include Koena Moabelo, Lindani Mbense, David Kekane and Walter Mokoena - among others.

SABC spokesman Vuyo Mthembu yesterday confirmed there would "delays" in paying the presenters.

"Our finance department is working on the problem. It will be sorted out soon."