Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

The dance community can get ready for a feast of dance.

The FNB Dance Umbrella features old and experienced as well as new talent that is sure to dazzle fans on the dance floors of several venues in Johannesburg.

The festival will run for 20 days between February 22 and March 14. It will take place at the Wits Theatre Complex, Braamfontein, Dance Factory, Market Theatre and Market Theatre Laboratory in Newtown and at the UJ Centre for the Arts in Auckland Park.

The festival officially opens on February 25 with the world premiere of Soft by Tracey Human at the Wits Downstairs Theatre.

Deconstructed - of the Showgirl isa work of pleasure and leisure. It symbolically creates a boundary between the good and bad woman. The work features Gregory VuyaniMaqoma and PJ Sabbagha.

Also on opening night is a work from Germany that is presented by the Goethe Institute. Hell on Earth by Constanza Macras is on at the Wits Theatre, with a second performance on February 26.

Macras' new work is about adolescence, hormones out of whack, shyness and longing, but also about all the practical things. For example, what school one should go to and what career to pursue.

Five years ago Macras presented Scratch Neukölln at the newly opened HAU with the dancers of her company and children from Neukölln. It is a crazy, great party with lots of hip-hop and singing.

On February 27 and 28 at 7pm there is a new work from Juanita Finestone-Praeg called The Return at the Dance Factory.

The Japanese haiku is regarded as the shortest form of poetry with its 17 syllables apparently creating the perfect length of one outgoing breath.

This distilled economy and reduction of the haiku form becomes a source for these nine performance experiments with silence and sound, movement and stasis, body and light.

This collaborative exchange is devised as a series of interactive conversations between image, idea, light, the body and the trapeze.

Gregory Maqoma presents a new work, Skeleton Dry, at the Market Theatre on February 27 and 28 at 8pm. Skeleton Dry has been influenced by the Skeleton Coast, an untouched, lifeless terrain in Namibia.

A new work by Robyn Orlin, Walking next to our shoes. intoxicated by strawberries and cream, we enter continents without knocking, will be presented at The Market Laboratory on February 27 and 28 at 9.15pm.

The Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown is the place to catch Tuning into the Void.

It is choreographed by Fabrice Guillot and Genevieve Mazin. You can see it on February 28 at noon and 5pm.

This 40-minute piece with three dancers sees the stage extending to the audience. Scenography and choreography is by Guillot, with the friendly complicity of Mazin and dramatist Jean-Philippe Lucas Rubion.

These and many more performances are on the menu for dance fans during the dance extravaganza.