Unwinding with the elephants

Lindi Obose

Lindi Obose

If you're looking to unwind away from all the worries of modern life then Hazyview in Mpumalanga is the place for you.

Boredom is not possible in this part of the world. The adventure sports are numerous, gentle walks abound, the scenery is magnificent and good food is in abundance.

My younger sister and I had a very warm welcome from Harriet.

I was impressed with the interior of our room. We stayed in the biggest room and were pleasantly surprised by it being tastefully decorated and comfortable.

The surroundings are very tranquil. A delicious breakfast is served in the dining area where you can relax. The weather was beautiful since it was cloudy the whole time .

Rissington Inn's 16 individual rooms and suites are surrounded by about 4 hectares of colourful gardens and offer comfortable, spacious and airy accommodation. All the rooms have their own en-trances, verandahs and private bathrooms. The magnificent garden suites also offer outside showers.

The rooms and charming, thatched farmhouse are shaded by magnificent trees and have breathtaking views down the valley.

Rissington's congenial, easy-going hosts ensure cheerful, attentive hospitality, allowing guests total freedom to unwind and enjoy the peace of the bush, lie by the pool or walk down the valley with its spectacular birds and game sighting.

Another highlight of our trip was the Elephant Sanctuary. It is home to two African elephants, Kasper and Kitso. Kasper is a stunningly huge male elephant rescued from Namibia. Kitso is an adventurous 10-year-old, who gave the guests a kiss and a hug. I was one of the lucky ones.

It is a family oriented operation catering for young and old. Guests are offered exhilarating elephantdriven programmes. The focus at Elephant Sanctuary is on education through interaction with the elephants.

Visitors can touch, feel, feed and walk trunk-in-hand and even ride these highly intelligent and delightful animals.

This African Elephant Sanctuary believes in building a bond between humans and elephants. To build a firm foundation of trust, the elephants are exercised and stimulated daily.

The most important part of the operation of the Elephant Sanctuary is happy elephants and happy guests. Daily tours are available for guests.

The elephant rides take place in a game reserve with free roaming wild animals.

The visitors can learn through an experienced guide, about the elephant's backgrounds, behaviour, characters and more.

The tours start at 8am and run throughout the day.

Everyone needs to spend a little time reconnecting with nature and I can think of no better place to shut down and recharge.

The staff are all great. The outdoor showers are a nice plus. This is one place that will surpass your expectations.