One-piece swimsuits flatter figures

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

It's bathing-suit time again and fashion guru Felipe Mazi- buko says that the one-piece swimsuit is back.

"The one-piece suit is often more flattering than a bikini. It emphasises the silhouette and adds an air of elegance."

Mazibuko adds that this season's vintage and retro-inspired cuts and patterns pay homage to the stylish 50s, 60s and 70s. He cites asymmetric and geometric designs and African prints and cut-away swimsuits as some of the trends that are in.

He says popular colours are pink, yellow, turquoise, green, red and black.

But he warns that following trends regardless of body shape can be a major fashion mistake.

How to get a perfect look:

l If you have a big bust

Mazibuko says look for a bathing suit that has a solid colour on the top and a printed pattern from the waist down.

"This will attract attention away from your bust and bring focus to a slimmer waist," he says.

l If you have a small bust

He says you should look for padding, but make sure the padding isn't larger than your chest.

l If you have slim hips

"Make your waist look smaller by picking a one-piece suit that has a print across the torso," says Mazibuko.

How to get a perfect beach look?

l Start growing your nails if they are bitten or too short.

"Paint your fingernails and toenails a bright, summery colour such as orange, hot pink or lime green," says Mazibuko.

l If you prefer a bikini, make sure it fits well.

l Wear waterproof mascara.

l Use sun lotion.

l Accessorise with a bright bag and coloured flip flops.

l Do not forget:

l Cellphone - for emergencies;

l Books or magazines;

l Small change - for ice cream, drinks or pay phone if you don't have a cellphone.