Snazzy dresser businessman Kotso is no more

Lebo Malete

Though a snazzy dresser who drove expensive cars, Kotso was also an incredible businessman.

Letlamoreng Kenneth Mogoeemang, popularly known as Kotso, alias Branco, alias Tlamo, also had remarkable taste for good music.

Today he is no more - the victim of a car accident that ended his short life last Sunday.

As if he knew about his imminent departure from these shores, Kotso had recently invited all his friends to come and join him in celebrating his mother's birthday.

Born on September 30 1973, I met him in the late 80s while he was playing football for amateur side Mapetla Youth United. I was playing for Mapetla Barcelona at the time. That is where he got the nickname Branco.

Mogoeemang loved the finer things in life. He refused to settle for second best in anything he did. He was also a marketer of note.

His first work experience was under the tutelage of marketing industry guru Andrew Fasedem, who groomed him.

Mogoeemang worked for several companies and also did consulting until he decided to go on his own and started Peo Communications.

Together with my family and friends we were expecting him at my mother's surprise birthday party last week Sunday when the news broke that morning that he had been involved in a fatal car accident.

"How on earth could such a young life be snuffed out just like that?" I asked.

But I believe that it is at times such as these that we have to pray and leave everything in the hands of God Almighty.

I am constantly reminded that I have lost a friend who loved the best clothes and had a taste for expensive whiskies.

There was never a dull moment when Mogoeemang was around.

He lived his life as if there was no tomorrow.

Mogoeemang will be buried at Lenasia Cemetery tomorrow. The service will be held at his home from 6am to 8am.

Mogoeemang is survived by his mother Tselane and four sisters.