Big leap for Sowetan, Sunday World

Both Sowetan Online and Sunday World showed aggressive, consistent growth this year.

Both Sowetan Online and Sunday World showed aggressive, consistent growth this year.

Sowetan Online had particularly strong performances in September and October (surpassing 5million page impressions and 200000 unique users). The site has virtually doubled its unique user base and traffic volumes since the start of the year.

Sunday World has been phenomenally successful as well.

Interesting Facts:

l Since the start of this yearSowetan's unique users have increased 46,58% (110102 to 206120).

l Page impressions increased 40,38% from the start of 2008 to November 30 (2657979 to 4458341).

l New blogs include the Wedding and Engagements Blog, Diski4Life, and our Sowetan Slang blog.

l Sunday World's unique users increased 54,57% since January 2008 (23674 to 52,115)

l Page impressions increased 47,26% since January 2008 (375346 to 711746)

l Sowetan is the 23rd most popular website brand in South Africa (based on unique users), and the 6th most popular News site. In January Sowetan was ranked 38th.

l In October Sowetan increased its unique users by 17% against an industry average of 5,27%.

lSunday World started the year ranked 83rd and is currently ranked 80th. In a rapidly growing, very competitive environment, this is a great achievement for a Sunday-only site.

The success of these sites can only be attributed to the excellence of a committed and passionate staff. Congratulations and a big well done to all who contributed to this success.

2009 is likely to be filled with many more exciting challenges, not least the elections. And then there is the World Cup 2010.

More fantastic news for our industry is a recent court ruling allowing 300 Value Added Network Service providers to build their own networks.