Luzuko Pongoma

Luzuko Pongoma

Just days after the tragic death of grade 1 pupil Kefuoe Seakamela, Sacred Heart College has been accused of allowing bullying and verbal abuse to go unpunished at the posh school.

Two other parents allege that their teenage daughter received a nasty letter calling her a slut and whore who liked having sex with older men.

The girl's mother was also insulted in the letter, which the school acknowledges having in its possession.

But headmaster Colin Northmore said people shouldn't focus on the letter.

The parents were unhappy because despite numerous requests the school had not been forthcoming in having the culprit identified and the punishment revealed.

The angry father said: "The letter was Satanic. I cannot believe children st a Christian school could be so insensitive and rude."

The mother was shocked by the tone of the letter.

To make matters worse, their teenage son, who goes to the same school, was bitten by a dog on the school premises a few months ago. They say nothing was done about that either.

"They did not even come to the house or pay the hospital bills."

The parents, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of further victimisation of their children, said that for the amount of money they spent on school fees they expected better treatment of their children, who are aged 15 and 16.

Northmore said that he did not remember the dog incident but later changed his statement.

"It was a dog from the houses next to the school," he said. "It entered the school yard and bit the boy and we took the necessary action."

He said the school had one of the best safety records and that other schools came to them for advice.

Northmore said that some people wanted to take advantage of the drowning tragedy and use it to rubbish them.

"I can assure you we will take action against those people."

On Wednesday Boniswa Seakamela said her late daughter had come home with a bruise on her shoulder two weeks ago.

"I did not take it seriously. Children are always playing," she said.