Foetus found buried in family yard

Mhlaba Memela

Mhlaba Memela

Residents of Ezimangweni in Inanda, north of Durban, yesterday lashed out at a woman who allegedly terminated her pregnancy and buried a 7-month-old foetus in the yard at her home.

It's alleged that the woman, 29, went to a local doctor to obtain tablets for the alleged termination. She was then allegedly assisted by her brother and his friend to dig a grave behind their home.

The three were yesterday taken in for questioning by local police but were not arrested.

The woman was with her sibling when she gave birth and buried the foetus on Tuesday night.

Now infuriated community members are accusing the police of failing to do their job.

Police spokesman Captain Jabulani Zuma said the police had received a report from the community about a foetus being buried in a shallow grave at Ezimangweni.

"When we arrived on the scene the mother and two men were taken to the police station for questioning. They were later released. The woman indicated that she went to a doctor who gave her tablets for the termination."

Zuma said the woman had told the police that she called her mother in Eastern Cape to tell her about the incident. Her mother ordered her to bury the foetus in the yard because they have no money for a proper burial.

"The incident is under investigation," Zuma said. "The foetus will be exhumed and taken to a government mortuary."