Siphokazi in Amacala row

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

Award-winning jazz singer Siphokazi Maranqana has been accused of riding on another musician's sound waves.

Composer and singer Bongani Nkwanyana alleges that the singer and her producer, Sipho Sithole, have infringed on his composing rights in Maranqana's songs Amacala and Ukufa .

The two songs are in the album Ubuntu Bam, which has won four awards.

"In 2006 Sithole asked me to compose three songs for Siphokazi and I agreed," Nkwanyana said. "I composed three songs for her and they chose two.

"I registered the songs with Samro before I gave them to him."

Sithole, who is also an SABC group strategist, has, however, rejected most of the claims.

He said: "Bongani composed two songs for us and was credited for them. He lied when he said there was no communication about the songs.

"Bongani was the one who played guitar and producer Lawrence Matshiza was speaking with him."

But Sithole admitted to having made a blunder by signing the publishing rights of the songs to Gallo.

"I made a mistake by assuming that Bongani was still publishing with Gallo Records. I have admitted that to him."

But Nkwanyana said Sithole was lying.

"Sipho lied to you. He knew I had a company. He stole my songs and re-registered them at Samro with different titles so that he could pocket my money."

Sithole said Nkwanyana was the one who gave Siphokazi, Lawrence and Brian Majozi, aka Zuluboy, a small percentage of royalties on the two songs.

"He signed an agreement in which he gave the three musicians four percent. I don't know what he is trying to achieve with these accusations."

Nkwanyana admitted having signed an agreement but claimed Sithole pushed him.

"He kept on telling me that Lawrence's instruments were dominating the song. I felt pity for them and gave them a small portion," he said.