Let your love bloom again

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

It is often said that to heal an ailing relationship, lovers have to get away from their nests because they tend to reverberate with battleground vibes long after they've kissed and made up.

It was in this spirit that we packed a few items in one suitcase (and still fought over that) and set off for the five-star Teremok Riverside Boutique Lodge in Fourways, a suburb in northern Johannesburg.

The Teremok Riverside offers a serene, home-away-from-home experience for the most discerning of business executives and leisure travellers.

The five-star boutique lodge sounds like overkill when you read about it in a brochure - until you actually get there. The serenity of the surroundings, the spaciousness, the fragrance from the spa and, oh, the grandeur of the rooms!

Teremok consists of nine suites that are unique in design and layout and all overlook the Juskei River.

"It feels as if we are visiting a rich uncle in Cape Town, doesn't it?" said my now enchanted man.

This shortly after an Honesty Bar order of a Merlot, room service style.

The wine prices almost made me gag but then South Africa is said to produce some of the world's finest wines so why pay R120 for an ordinary South African wine? It was nothing a good movie could not fix.

We had learnt that we could make a selection from the movies available at reception and watch them from our state-of-the-art television set in the Kilimanjaro room.

I felt like a kid trying to climb into my Kilimanjaro bed, which for size gives the mountain a run for its money.

I guess this is the thing with the rooms: they go all the way with the themes. The other eight range from the Mark Shuttleworth to the Serendipity and to give a description of would be spoiling other people's fun.

For a bonding, romantic mood of restful contemplation, we decided to get off the high bed and sit on the balcony, where we could still watch our big-screen television and smoke a peace pipe. I dare say being so high up rather revved things up in bed. We were riding high for sure.

When morning came, with all the ills being water under the bridge, it was as if the Teremok was out to show off.

Our eyes were opened to its true magnificence, which had been somewhat obscured by the veil of night.

It is spotless, humming with river sounds and exuding a good breakfast aroma. It was as if we had been anticipated when we finally showed our hung-over faces in the dining area.

After a smoothie we were enticed to partake in a breakfast fit for a king. It made me decide never to do the English buffet nonsense again.

If breakfast is the most important meal I'm going to treat myself to a grand French spread like they do at the Teremok. Oats and soft porridge are getting the boot.

Very few chefs play the waitress role as well as Mephi does in this place.

From the wide selection at our breakfast menu we went for the poached eggs that were simply made in heaven. I guess that's what this place's objectivity was in the first place - heaven on earth with all the bells and whistles.

By the time we checked out, our clothes still in one suitcase, we were confident that this is a place that can actually save relationships.