Choose a Christmas gift to suit the receiver

The festive season also means gift time since this is the time when we are generous towards our loved ones.

The festive season also means gift time since this is the time when we are generous towards our loved ones.

It's important to buy gifts that people will be happy with. You therefore have to know what your family and friends love and buy them gifts they will appreciate.

If they enjoy living life to the extreme and you consider them adrenaline junkies, know that people like that will not settle for anything less than the ultimate high.

Ideal gift ideas would include experiences such as ·a self-drive rally lesson or a bungy jumping expedition - a new bungy jumping experience was introduced at Orlando Towers in Soweto.

If your friend is a team player, they would appreciate a gift that they could share with others.

Give them something they'll never forget, such as a day at the spa for twoor a hot air balloon trip for two.

If your loved one is an outdoor person, consider a game drive. You might think about sending them on a hiking trip or an outing to a nature reserve.

Workaholics are also people to consider, since they are hard to buy gifts for. They work, work and work and never take a break. It's a good idea to give them gifts that pamper them.

So give them a gift voucher for an aromatherapy spa that will help them unwind their overworked and stressed bodies.

When you get gifts for creative people, you also have to be creative when it comes to choosing gifts for them.

Creative people usually love anything to do with the arts, or you might see the potential in them to become the next Michelangelo.

You could also send them on a creative journey to fan their artistic flair by signing them up for a cooking course.

If you want to show children that there is more to life than Playstations, watching TV and cellphones, take them on an adventure that's worth more than all the games put together.

You can take them quad biking since this promises to be an interesting adventure for children.

You can also take them on a trip to a nature reserve or take them and their friends out for a paintball adventure for a day.

Happy giving.