town has no water, electricity

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

Residents of Dendron in Limpopo have been without water and electricity for the past two weeks.

This is after heavy rains destroyed network systems in the area.

Businesses in the small town are on the brink of collapse as a result of the shortage of water and electricity.

The running of schools has also been affected since both pupils and teachers have unable to wash. Since toilets are out of order residents have had to relieve themselves in bushes and this has caused an unbearable stench.

A resident, who spoke to Sowetan on condition of anonymity, said the local Molemole municipality was to blame.

He accused the municipality of failing to plan properly for its residents.

"The area used to be small and now it's growing," the resident said. "The municipality has to increase the capacity of its power station to accommodate all the people and businesses."

Makgotho Manthata, a local businessman, said the situation was unbearable and that business had come to a standstill.

Manthata, who runs Mafiri Funeral Services, said his mortuary has had to make use of a generator .

"I have to use R1000 worth of diesel every day to ensure that the corpses do not smell," he said

"I am running at a loss and I am not the only one. Other businesses are also losing money because of the problem."

Municipal spokesman Timothy Molopa acknowledged that there was a serious problem.

He said heavy rains and storms had destroyed the electricity system in the area.

"What is needed is a renewal of the whole town's system, which is what we are at present working on," Malopa said. "We have put R1million aside for that purpose."

As far as the water shortage was concerned Molopa said the problem was that the borehole supplying the area needed electricity to operate "so the electricity problems have also affected water provision".

Molopa said that with the help of the Capricorn district municipality they have been able to supply residents with four tanks of water until service provision is back on track.