Fuel refinery fire will not affect users


Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

The fire that broke out at the Engen refinery in Durban yesterday will not have an immediate impact on the fuel supply and on consumers.

This assurance was given by Engen refinery general manager Willem Oosthuizen at a media briefing yesterday.

Firefighters worked for hours to extinguish the fire that broke out at the refinery just after midnight yesterday.

The fire started at a facility that feeds crude oil into the refinery-processing unit. The fire was finally extinguished at 3am.

The amount of damage done to the refinery and the cause of the fire have not been established at this stage.

Oosthuizen said the fire was put out by Engen refinery's fire-fighting team.

A mopping up operation is expected to begin immediately and it will coincide with a full investigation into the cause of the incident.

The refinery's environmental team carried out regular air sampling during and after the fire and the samples will be sent to laboratories for analysis.

Effluent resulting from the fire-fighting process was contained and will be treated and disposed of safely.

"Our specialist teams on the ground will continually give updated reports on the investigations and developments in the next few days," Oosthuizen said.

The company said it had enough fuel stocks and there would be no immediate impact on consumers.