'Sex pest boss'

COMPLAINTS LAID: Humphrey Mmemezi. 09/11/08. © Unknown.
COMPLAINTS LAID: Humphrey Mmemezi. 09/11/08. © Unknown.

Getrude Makhafola

Getrude Makhafola

Four women working for Mogale City on the West Rand have accused their boss, Humphrey Mmemezi, of touching them indecently.

And they are also angry that the municipality is unnecessarily stalling the case.

Because of the employer's attitude, the four decided to lodge a complaint with the police and the union.

"He continued to sneer at us, rubbing it in our faces that he was still our boss despite our complaint against him.

"The municipality dragged their feet on this case, and the situation was unbearable for us, so we went to the Krugersdorp police as well," one of the woman said.

They said the harassment started when the municipality hired former ANC politician Mmemezi as human resources manager three months ago.

"As soon as he arrived he started making gestures at me," one of the women said. "Then he started touching me on the waist and the thighs.

"When I told him to stop because what he was doing was wrong, he just looked at me and walked away," she said.

The four say he ambushes them when they go to his office to sign the attendance register.

Mmemezi poked another woman wearing a long skirt, told her to turn around, sneered and remarked: "I wonder how you would look if you wore something shorter."

The third one said he told her that she was young and beautiful, before gently stroking her face.

"I pushed his hand away and he laughed at me," she said.

The fourth woman said Mmemezi rubbed her waist, but said nothing to her when she looked at him straight in the eye.

In frustration she mentioned her experience to colleagues during a lunch break and others chipped in that they too had been subjected to similar ordeals in Mmemezi's office.

"We decided to stand together and lay a complaint against him," she said.

Investigating officer Superintendent Amos Masungwini said they were taking statements from other employees .

City manager Dan Mashitisho said they want the complainants to complain individually. "They were not fondled at the same time,: said Mashitisho.

Mmemezi said: "I am 53 years old. How can I be scared of anything?

"They can continue doing this, but I will not back down from doing my job."