McKeed Kotlolo

McKeed Kotlolo

Residents of Moutse in Limpopo have vowed to disrupt next weekend's 2009 voter registration programme if the government does not reincorporate the area into Mpumalanga.

The Moutse district, which includes Dennilton and Groblersdal, was incorporated into Limpopo in 2006 by the municipal demarcation board and the affected residents have been protesting against it ever since.

They demand to be reincorporated into Mpumalanga.

A meeting attended by those opposed to the "forced incorporation" called for the decision to be rescinded with immediate effect. The meeting was jointly convened by the SACP and the local branch of the SA National Civic Organisation at the Tempelman Theatre in Elandsdoorn on Saturday.

Moutse district SACP secretary Seun Mogotji said the gathering agreed "on the urgent need to intensify the struggle to ensure that the process of reversing the unfair incorporations (demarcations) is expedited before the 2009 elections campaign."

In a statement released yesterday Mogotji said "it is our view that we can't have normal elections under these conditions".

He said: "We resolved to embark on a series of protest actions in all our areas from November 6 2008 to ensure that there in no voters registration in Moutse next week (November 8 and 9) if our issue is not resolved.

Mogotji said the "residents observed with keen interest the attention given to the Khutsong township issue, which is similar to ours and yet nothing is said about Moutse.

"It would be sad if the residents of Moutse are overlooked when the matter is addressed."

He also called on the provincial and national leadership of the ANC, Cosatu and SACP to urgently engage in the resolution of the matter "before our constitutional court hearing on November 18 2008."