Durandt a real cool customer

Ramatsiyi Moholoa

Ramatsiyi Moholoa

Top boxing trainer Nick Durandt is one hell of an honest man.

It is not only because of his excellent record in boxing, which includes producing some of the greatest boxers in the world, that Durandt impresses me.

As per my tradition on Friday nights, the past one was no different as I stayed up late into the night to watch Blow by Blow, a boxing programme.

What a waste of precious time.

It was a South African featherweight title fight between Manelisi Mbilase and Thando Vukuza in Carletonville.

I won't go round by round, but there is no shred of doubt that Vukuza won the fight and deserved to be given the title.

Vukuza dished out some super punches, including two powerful ones that floored Mbilase on two occasions, in the 10th and 12th rounds.

The two respected judges - Wally Snowball (114-113) and Neville Hotz (114-112) - were clearly in dreamland.

The third judge, John Chaane (111-115), deservedly gave the fight to Vukuza. It was not surprising the enthusiastic crowd booed Mbilase when he was named the winner.

Immediately after the fight, Durandt - Mbilase's manager - was brave enough to say the wrong man won the fight.

What I like about it is that Durandt was calm when he spoke against the decision, which is a big challenge to the Malefetsane Ngatane-led Boxing SA board.

I could not agree more with Durandt as heart-breaking decisions like this one are killing our beloved sport big time.

What message are the judges sending out to wannabe boxers?

People's Promotions took the tournament to Carletonville as part of their plans to take the sport to the people.

BSA, as the custodian of the sport in the country, will have to act swiftly to avoid more embarrassments.

Did I hear the Ministry of Sport and Recreation say anything?

It is clear that decisions like this will work against BSA's plans of luring the people in their big numbers back to boxing.

The less said about Loyiso Mtya's utterances after the fight, the better.

The sooner BSA reviews the bout and gives the title to Vukuza, the better for the image of South African boxing.