boxing shame

Bongani Magasela

Bongani Magasela

Boxing suffered a black eye on Friday night due to two would-be wise men, judges Wally Snowball and Nick Hotz, who awarded a fight to a completely outgunned boxer..

They unwisely awarded a points decision to Manelisi Mbilase, who was beaten to a pulp by Thando Vukuza for the South African featherweight belt.

This brutal slug fest topped People's Promotions' five-bout bill at Masizakhele Boxing Hall at the Westdriefontein mine in Carlentonville, North West.

Snowball doubles as a referee and judge. He is a highly experienced official who has been in the fight game for almost 30 years.

Hotz is a newcomer. He qualified during the days of the Gauteng Provincial Boxing Control Commission that was disbanded in 2002.

Their judging expertise left them in the lurch last Friday night. Disheartened fans stormed the ring in protest and their actions put boxing to shame in the eyes of potential sponsors.

Snowball and Hotz's scorecards read 114-113 and 114-112 while a competent Joseph Chaane rightly awarded the decision to Vukuza with a scorecard of 115-111.

"A wrong man won," said Mbilase's trainer Nick Durandt who denounced the judgment.

Snowball and Hotz's scandalous decision confirmed that most judges here judge personalities not fights.

Mbilase's corner was masterminded by the esteemed Durandt while Vukuza had Welsh Mnguni in his corner.

I could only award Mbilase three rounds.

He was given a boxing lesson and even went down twice in rounds 10 and 12. That is a clear four-point margin.

Boxers are given 10 points each before the start of a round. The one boxer that does well wins by 10-9 but a knockdown is awarded a 10-8 margin.

From the look of things Mbilase needed two knockdowns to even the scorecards.

The fight will be reviewed by three neutral judges and if they score it in favour of Vukuza, Boxing SA will order a rematch.

Other results:

Junior bantamweight 6 rounds: Unathi Gqokoma drew with Klas Mboyane; Junior welterweight 4 rounds: Serona Binda (Botswana) beat Alfred Mncedi (SA) on points, Lightweight: Sipho Taliwer knocked out Norman Tshisikhawe 6; Junior middleweight 6 rds: Nkululeko Mhlongo beat Lucas Mogane on points.