Cecil Motsepe

Cecil Motsepe

Top producer Sello "Chicco" Twala and music boss Tshepo Nzimande are entangled in cold war.

The icy chasm between these one-time friends started with Twala's protege, Fikile Mlomo, jumping ship to release an album under Nzimande's Zuz' Muzi Music stable.

Now Twala, who claims to have a contract with Mlomo, has instructed his lawyers to stop the album.

He said yesterday: "I want to discipline her."

The renowned producer said he would have been prepared to let go of Mlomo had she not branded him a crook in the media.

But Mlomo, who comes from Lindelani village in KwaZuluNatal, is adamant that Twala is a swindler.

"I worked with him for three years and despite my hard work I am worse off than before," Mlomo said. "Had he paid me I would not be living in a mud house.

"Every time I asked for cash he would tell me that I know nothing about money. Now that I have joined someone who recognises my worth and talent he wants to destroy me."

Nzimande is also spitting fire.

"Chicco contradicts himself. At first he claimed to have fired the woman and now that I am releasing her he wants to stall her career," he said.

He confirmed that Twala had asked for his address to serve court papers on him.

"He can approach the courts and waste his money," Nzimande said. "He should know better than to go into a studio without a contract."

Nzimande quipped: "Talent should be nurtured and exposed without any fear."

Molomo has accused Twala of failing to compensate her for her work as a backing vocalist on God The Best.

But Twala is adamant that he owes her nothing. He said Nzimande could expect litigation papers today.